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Our A.G.M.

Our first A.G.M. was a very successful event, we had an almost
full turn out of the people who booked to attend, everyone seemed
to enjoy themselves and as you can see from the pictures below
we fed everyone as well.

The meeting was opened by our chairman, Alan Kendrick who
gave a Power point presentation about the group and what we
have done in the past two years, one of the highlights being
the 27.500 hours of respite we have provided in the form of
day trips, weekends away and training sessions.

Alan Kendrick.-------------Ian Irving
---------------------------------Retirering Chairman
----------------------------------of Wigan and Leigh Crossroads.

Ian told the audience how well he thought the group had done
and how important the work was to the members of the group
and to the borough itself, he then went on to tell people about
the merger of Wigan and Leigh Crossroads with the St.Helens and
Halton branch of Crossroads and the reasons this had to be done.

Ian's comments about Wigan and Leigh Crossroads was to celebrate
the work and the help Crossroads have provided in the borough
since the scheme started in 1992 before the merger, and he hoped
the coming together of the schemes would keep the services in the
borough for many years to come.


We would like to thank the people who came along with their
boards and provided additional information to people about
other services and what help can be had in our borough.

A few pictures of the stands below.

We would also like to thank the people behind the scenes,
the unsung heroes who provide the tea and coffee not to
mention doing all the washing up after.

And a big thank you to all who attended, hope to
see you all again for our next AGM.