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Young Carers Activity Weekend 2010.

In October the young carers activity weekend once
again was a brilliant weekend, you can see from the
pictures below some of the activities and the young
carers having fun.

Thanks to the Santander challenge and further support
from the Four Acre Trust we have been able to fund another
weekend away for young carers.
This year we took the young carers on an activity weekend
to Rookin Farm, it is a pity we can’t do more of these
activities because as you can see they
have a wonderful time.


A brilliant Location.

Horse riding.

Archery and getting dirty.

Doing your nails and relaxing.
We would like to thank all the people who gave up their
time arranging and planning this event, also all the volunteers
who went to manage this weekend and make it the success it was,
great job, thank you.
A few more pictures from Brian followed by
an account of the weekend done by Alan.



The weekend was wet to start with, due to some schools still
being open, we only got away late in the afternoon.
This meant we hit traffic all the way to Lancaster.
Add to this the torrential rain and high winds making the
journey a little difficult, that didn’t dampen the spirits of the group.
New members were soon joining in and any awkwardness and
shyness were soon forgotten as friendships were renewed and new
ones forged. It was a pleasure to see how the older ones were taking
time and effort to help the newer and younger ones to assimilate into the
group, automatically mentor-ing and befriending without being tasked to it.
Arriving in the dark at our destination we were met by our catering
team who had arrived earlier to get our evening meal ready, afterwards a
session of music therapy to help break down any remaining barriers and
sleep followed some-what reluctantly.After breakfast the following morning
we all enjoyed Horse riding, Argo Cats, Archery, Rifle shooting,
Quad biking and the Jacobs Ladder.
This proved especially satisfying as the ones who found it
difficult last year managed to complete it this time and the
sense of personal achievement was high, congratulations all round.
Sunday dawned bright, sunny and frosty but the group
was soon kitted out and dispatched for paint balling which
resulted in lots of tales of who shot who even if by mistake.
The journey home saw all returned to the bosom of their
families by tea time and the buses returned.
This year was particularly pleasing because of the
personal goals achieved by some of the group, breaking
down barriers, mentoring, going that extra yard and
trying to overcome fears. Young carers who were increasingly
becoming socially isolated from their peer groups were now
integrating and becoming part of a social network.
The absolute joy on some of their faces made all the hard
work worthwhile and grateful thanks to all the volunteers
who helped with the weekend. Leadership qualities,
mentoring, counselling, befriending, all these were
displayed by the older ones, for some of them it will be
there last time and over the years we have had the
pleasure in watching them mature from shy withdrawn
youngsters into self confident and assured young adults.
They are a credit to their families and it’s been a pleasure
helping and support-ing them over the last five years
that we have run activity weekends for Young Carers.
A Big THANK YOU to the Four Acre Trust and
Santander mortgage advisors for all their financial
support, without it these weekends would not happen.