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In September 2008 we took a group of Young Carers
to the Lake District on an activity weekend, we wanted
to underline our commitment to supporting all Carers
by giving this group of 21 Young Carers the chance to
act like and be like ordinary teenagers, if only for a few days.
Any break in routine helps to alleviate stress and tension
for all and we were ably assisted in this by having
our own Beautician and our own Clinical Practitioner
in Complementary Therapies with us helping to make
the entire weekend a resounding success.

The young carers had a great time and enjoyed
the activities, socialising and having some fun.

Take a look at some of the pictures,
some of the team.

Expert instruction for every event.

Making friends and socialising.

All set in a lovely location.

Time to make a raft.

And it floated as well.

Time to give out the certificates.

We would like to thank the main funders of this weekend
for giving us the chance to do something that means so
much to this group of young people, The Four Acre Trust.
Thanks also go to the support recieved from the boroughs
Carers grant fund and to St Helens Crossroads for their donation.

And the weekend would not have been possible without
the support and expertise of the trainers and the time
given by our group members and other volunteers, a lot of
people gave a lot of their time and worked hard to make
this event a success. Thank you.