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The Carers Christmas weekend away 2007
23rd to 25th November this year started with lunch at a local pub and then onto the motorway heading towards the Lake District, arriving at the Beech Hill Hotel just after 3 PM, this gave people the chance to settle into their rooms and have a little rest before the evening meal, some people took advantage of the heated pool.
Below you can see some pictures of the views from the hotel.

The hotel lies on the edge of Windermere lake about half way
between Windermere and Newby Bridge, a very peaceful location
indeed, on the Saturday we went into Kendal for the people who
wanted to go, coming back mid afternoon leaving time for
some relaxation in preparation for the evening meal.

Some pictures of the carers having a good time.

I thought it might be an idea to show you some of the food
people have to eat on these weekends away, don't feel
sorry for us will you.

These next few pictures are just to show a little of Kendal.

I think next time we should stay here, mmmm
all that lovely chocolate.

On the Sunday we stopped of at Cartmel before making the
trip home, the next few pictures are taken round Cartmel,
this is such a pretty little village, lots of shops and places
to sit and have a coffee and just relax.

Hope you enjoy looking at our pictures, any comments,
please feel free to contact us, we would love to hear from you.