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Christmas Break to Stratford 2009.


The carers Christmas weekend away this year was a murder
mystery weekend to Stratford, two mini buses and 28 carers
had a wonderful weekend, below you can see some pictures.


On Friday night a murder took place, our group
along with a few other guests staying at the hotel,
had to find out who did it.
A picture of the suspects below with the police.

From left to right, Steve Cleever
the butcher, Nancy Legge, owner
of leggover chicken farm, Alfred
Bantam, a rival farmer, Francis
Pullet, member of PECT (People
for the Emancipation of Chickens &
Turkeys) Babs Byrd, the local barmaid.
Someone here is a KILLER.


It turned out we had shared the hotel that weekend with
not one but two killers,Nancy Legge and Alfred Bantam,
Alfred Killed Nancy’s husband to protect her from the physical
abuse her husband dished out, when he told Nancy what he had
done the conversation was overheard by Babs, Nancy then killed
Babs to protect Alfred, poor Bads was shot in the hotel during our
evening meal, a shot rang out and poor Babs lay dead with a bullet
in her heart in the hallway.

We had a fantastic weekend, the murder mystery was excellent and
the actors very professional, a great bunch of people who made our
carers Christmas weekend away one to remember.

We will finish with pictures of the hotel and
carers relaxing with friends.