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Our Carers information day on the 10th of June
was a huge success, the stands in the main hall gave
out large amounts of information and advice to people.
People also had the benefit of free blood pressure checks
and advice from the emergency services with the offer
of free security equipment, visitors also had the opportunity
to take advantage of some hands on therapy.

The main attraction for many was the keep fit demonstration
put on by the staff from the Abbey Bank, they organised a
sponsored keep fit for our group and the bank have offered
to double all the sponsorship money raised and donate it
to our group, thank you so much for your support.

At this time we do not know the final amount
raised but we will publish this in a later addition
of the newsletter and on our website.

Now the pictures from the day.

And now pictures from the keep fit.


We would like to thank the stall holders for the support
they gave our group on the day and also the organisations
and services who helped us with the activities.
The people from our committee and group members helping
to run the event on the day did a fantastic job, they worked
very hard indeed and I know for a fact that once they got home
later that day, many of them flopped in a chair exhausted.
We all owe them a great big thank you.