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This is Alan's album.
Page created 2007.
These are pictures that Alan has taken himself while he has
been out and about, trips out, and at Group events.
He has had them put on the site for you to enjoy.

Alan took a couple of pictures on the
family day trip to Liverpool during
July 2010.

Alan also visited the U-boat museum and took these.

Alan took these pictures on the Carers
weekend away in June 2010 in Ravenscar.

This addition is from the family day
trip to the Lakes in May 2010.

Alan took these pictures during the
carers weekend away in April 2010
to Patshull Park.

The same weekend we visited RAF Cosford.
Alan's pictures from that visit.

These are pictures Alan sent us from
the Noddfa carers weekend away,
February 2010.


Alan sent over a few shots from the
2009 October family day trip to The Lakes.

Alan's latest addition to his page is a few pictures
he took on a weekend away with his caravan
in September 2009.

This is the before,

and this is the after, nice shot.

I am sure Alan will be adding to his collection.

Some pictures added 6th March 2008.
Pictures from Noddfa February 2008
followed by some general shots he has taken
from group events recently.

Some more pictures added on 1st May 2008,
Alan took these on the Edinburgh weekend
trip during April 2008.

During the weekend some of the carers went on
a visit to see the Royal yacht Britania, the next
few pictures are from on board the yacht.

On the way home some people wanted these
naughty nurses to come along as well.

Don't forget, if you want to show your pictures
we would love to put them on the site for you.