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You can book trips by seeing a committee member at any event or coffee morning,
by calling us on
07807 210913 or by
emailing us on
Don't forget, it's up to you to book the trips,
we can't do it for you.
All trips should be paid for before the event,
please don't put us in the position of asking
for your money.
Thank you.



Trips and Events Follow the News Items.





The spring newsletter
is now on the site.

We have a new book in the library
called Know your rights.

Anxiety UK
08444 775 774
Works to relieve and support those living with anxiety disorders by providing information,
support and understanding via an extensive range of services, including 1:1 therapy

Hi Everyone
Please support Nicola Burtonwood and the ACE Team at Santander
and give what you can. Money being raised for C.C.S.G. Thanks


Help raise £1500 to Support 3 local charities Julia's House in
Dorset Oasis Centre in Manchester Crossroads Carers support in Wigan
We're raising money to Support 3 local charities
Julia's House in Dorset Oasis Centre in Manchester
Crossroads Carers support in Wigan . Support this JustGiving.


We would like to give a Big Thank You to Stephen Dorricott
and everyone at Astley Hire Leigh for their generous donation
of £325 which will enable us to participate in
Carers Week (12-18th June).
We will be promoting our Group giving information
to new and existing carers in the community.
Why not join us at our Coffee Morning on the 14th of June.

Please consider making a regular donation
to help us keep doing what we do best,
help carers.
Just click the donate button
to download a standing
order form.
Any amount would help £2 a month
would make such a difference.
Thank you.


Trips and Events.

All trips must be paid for before the
trip takes place, if you don’t your place
could be offered to someone else, paying
on the day means that some committee
members are having to walk round with
large amounts of cash, for their safety
please pay before the trip day.

All group trips depend on the funding
being available, if we have to change trips
or take some out, that’s the reason but
we will give as much notice as possible.

We do from time to time have trouble with trip bookings, people want to go, then they don’t, then they do, at times it is costing the group money, money from funds that we can’t afford to waste, because of this we are making a clear procedure for the booking and paying of trips.

1: You can only be booked on a trip once you have filled in the booking form and paid a none returnable deposit.
All trips will be given a final date for the completion of payments, if you haven’t paid in full by this date your
money will be refunded minus the deposit.
Once the completion date has passed NO money is refundable. You could take out your own insurance
privately to cover yourself for any losses.

2: All bookings no matter who takes them have to be
validated by the bookings officer on the day.

3: All trips have to be paid for in full before the trip takes place, no exceptions can be made, you don't have to wait
for the final payment date, you can pay before or pay in
portions and we will keep a record of your payments.

4: All trips must be paid for in cash, we do not
accept cheque's and we don't have a system set
up to accept credit cards.

5: If after you pay you find you can’t go and need to cancel we will do our best to recover your money from the venue owners, if only a partial refund can be obtained you will have to understand that we can't cover your loss, the group can not be held responsible for cancellations or for financial losses but we will take every action possible to recover you money.

Please remember, it's up to you
to check for the trips and what's
on and to book them,
we can't do it for you.
We advertise them here as
soon as we can, up to three
months in advance,
and in the next available
issue of the newsletter.
Book by phone on:

07807 210913
Or use the free way, email us on


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We would like to thank members very
much for the support they continue to
give, people make donations of money
gifts and valuable time to support the
group, the contributions you make
whatever it is, is strengthening our
group and we are growing and offering
support to more and more carers, our
membership is growing on a monthly
basis and more people are benefiting
from the group and the support we offer.
Thank you all very much for you hard
work and your continued generosity.