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Patshull Park Weekend
16th - 18th April 2010.


The Patshull Park weekend away started with a little hiccup,
the hotel had an airlock in its water supply meaning that they
couldn’t take guests due to the lack of water, this caused a bit
of tension amongst the group because we had to be moved to
a hotel a few miles down the road for the night.

They booked us all into the Manor hotel a few miles
down the road, it turned out to be a very nice spot
even though it was not expected, you can see a few
pictures from outside below.

Everyone soon settled in and as you can see
did a bit of relaxing before the evening meal.

Next a picture of everyone at the evening meal
and a picture of the great hall in the hotel.

The following morning everyone had breakfast and it was
back on the buses for the short journey to Patshull Park,
Patshull Park is known for its outstanding beauty, golfing,
fishing and its massage and therapy facilities.

The next pictures show the hotel and the surrounding views,
you can find plenty of places to sit and take in the atmosphere
of this lovely place, all the rooms have views either over the
lake or over the golf course.

On Saturday we took one bus into Telford for the shoppers
amongst us, the rest of the group decided to stay on site and
relax outside and take the opportunity to use the hotels jacuzzi
and swimming pool.

Later everyone got together for the evening meal and spend
some time relaxing and chatting.

After breakfast on Sunday morning we had planned a
trip to RAF Cosford before returning home, the choice
was to go to Cosford or stay in the hotel to use their facilities,
some stayed and one bus went to Cosford returning later to
collect everyone and the other bus to come home.
Below lots of picture of aeroplanes.

This is a missile made mostly of wood.

The famous Spitfire with its engine.

As you can see, this is a missile.

And we are going to finish with a few pictures of
model craft on display.

If you would like more information about
RAF Cosford just click the link below.

RAF Cosford